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IPODR - California County Profile Reports

2011 California County Profile Reports (CCPR) - based on 2011 Birth Cohort File
Each California County Profile Report is structured into these sections:
I. County-level tabulations, Zip Code-level maps, and County-level trends
1. Demography
2. Socioeconomic background
3. Prenatal
4. Mortality outcomes
5. Birth weight and prematurity outcomes
6. Other outcomes
II. ZIP Code-Level Tabulations
1. Progress Towards 2020 Objectives
2. Other Risk Factors and Outcomes
3. ZIP Code inventory
The California County Profile Reports currently include a number of perinatal risk factors and outcomes at the county and ZIP code level. Earlier, these figures were compared to the Healthy People 2000 or 2010 Objectives. IPODR now shows the next set of objectives, Healthy People 2020. The data used in the California County Profile Reports are from the most recent year and/or from the most recent three years for which comprehensive quality control edits have been completed by the collecting agency. Trends over time can be examined starting from 1991.
A variety of data is available for planning and policy development, tracking of morbidity and mortality, and program evaluation purposes. Most data sources are limited to countywide measures and cannot be used for small area analyses, which are needed to respond to changing patterns of health status, assess current service performance, and meet program planning requirements.
The goals of the California County Profile Reports are:
a) to provide a tool for counties to monitor their progress toward the national Year 2020 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives, and
b) to help achieve those objectives by providing data that can be used for planning and evaluation purposes at the local level.
Changes and Enhancements
California County Profile Reports have been available on the World Wide Web (WWW) since 1999. The current version of the California County Profile Reports was completely re-designed to address several user issues.
All web content was re-designed to better allow local area assessment towards Healthy People 2020 Objectives.
Navigation has been simplified by the introduction of a revised navigation bar at the top of each page.
All figures are available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
The new XHTML standard was used to compile all WWW information.
The Help section has detailed explanations and hints for navigating the County Reports pages. It is a good starting point for first time users.

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